The legendary of YEEZY is already 8 years! The list of 13 Yeezy sneaker to now

In 2008, Kanye West and Nike threw a bomb in the fashion world that Nike Air Yeezy would be released. Nike used to work with athletes, it was the first time Nike designed sneaker for rap singer, or even let the rap singer participate in designing the sneaker. Even The super leveled star—Eminem doesn’t have his own sneaker. He only got the related color match. We have to admire the ability of Kanye. However, the crack between the cooperation showed in 2013 when it seemed the corporation was stable. Kanye was saying everywhere that Nike didn’t pay for the patent fee he deserved and that Nike only let him design the snaker. However, he got a family to raise and had to face various facts, which forced Kanye takes apart with his loved Nike because of money. He went to adidas who was down at that time.

However, it is a fact that Kanye re-defined the popular sneaker by YEEZY. There are rare sneakers whose prices can go up to more than 30 thousand Taiwan Dollars before the appearing of Yeezy. and to now, no matter it is the Nike or adiads time, Kanye appeals to people’s appetite again and again, creating many sneakers that are so popular. This special periodical would take people to look back to the past 8 years. What are the classic sneakers Kanye brings in the name of Yeezy?

#2009 : Nike Air Yeezy

It was the Nike Air Yeezy sneaker when Nike first claimed to work with Kanye in 2008. At that time, Hi-Top dominated the fashion world. Sneakers with high uppers are released, with three colors. In the black or grey colored sneaker, Y patterns are shown in the shoe body, re-showing the similar feeling like Elephant print. It works in concert with Air Jordan 3. The fixed tie in the shoe and the night light big shoe sole lay the foundation for the future trend of Nike Air Yeezy, leading the fashion at the same time.

#2012 : Nike Air Yeezy 2

It was 3 years after the releasing of the previous generation when Nike Air Yeezy 2 was released. The size changes a lot while the high upper, fixed tie, and shoe sole stay the same design. The middle shoe sole design comes from Tennis super star Agassi’s battle sneaker– Nike Air Tech Challenge II. The patterns in the shoe body are changed to snake scale. The details are most applied with Egypt ancient civilization pattern. HORUS—the ancient holy temple in Egypt can be seen in the dust proof pocket and shoe tongue. And the Pyramids are everywhere. Ankle place has the peak shape, which is designed with the impression of the Nile. It is easy to see Kanye’s devotion in this sneaker, and the market also reacts best to this. However, with the last color–Red October’s release and sale, Kanye officially left Nike in 2013. He went to adidas ar last. This sneaker becomes the last work of Nike Yeezy.

#2015 :YEEZY BOOST 750

It takes more than a year for the official release of first adidas YEEZY in 2015 since Kanye joined adidas in 2013, which also shows the great attention of both parties. Adidas directly ask Kanye to start a branch called YEEZY, with the extremely opened attitude. From the first YEEZY BOOST 750, we cannot see any adidas logo, and the whole design is very YEEZY. The high upper and fixing tie stay the same. The key change is that it is applied with BOOST shoe sole, which is the pound of adidas.

#2015 :YEEZY BOOST 350

Shortly after the release of YEEZY BOOST 750, sneaker fans all believed there must be special meaning for the number, and that Yeezy would have many different types of sneakers in the future. It is true that YEEZY BOOST 350 comes soon, which is different from the previous design. It surprised everyone. It is the first to use PK material in shoe body, and low tube is applied. There is no fixing tie. All the changes make people so curious. But there are also many negative critics. However, it proves to be the god of sneaker in the heart of people as time goes by.

#2015 : YEEZY 950 DUCKBOOT

It seems that adidas wants to concert the efforts generated from last year to burst at one time. When it came to autumn and winter in 2015, it released the duck shaped sneaker YEEZY 950 DUCKBOOT. It escaped from the tradition of shapes concentrating on sport styles. There were both positive and negative comments. It is not applied with comfortable BOOST, and the high price makes it loses the flavor of many fans. It became a dull sale, which rarely happens in the YEEZY history.

#2016 : YEEZY Season 2 Boot

Except the cooperation with adidas, Kanye also open his own clothes brand in the name of YEEZY, including some boots. During YEEZY Season 2, it released the first boots of its own, whose shape is similar to YEEZY BOOST 750. Its price and accessory also are positioned in high level, which makes this sneaker low in popularity.

#2016 : YEEZY BOOST 350 V2

One year after the release of 350, the improved version–YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 is released. The collar of the sneaker is designed longer, which appeal to the trend of sock style. The pull ring in the end is removed (the ring is back after the version released after 2017). The whole sneaker looks very simple. The pattern and pictures in the shoe face are also changed. A shining color is added, as well as the SLPY-350 letters.

#2016:YEEZY Season 3 Military Boot

It is also s boot of own. It is released in YEEZY Season 3, in the shape of army boot.

#2017:Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

Adidas YEEZY released the Calabasas series, including the sneaker Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas. It used adidas classic tennis sneaker Powerphase as blue print, which is rare to see among the Yeezy sneaker types. It is also the cheapest.

Except the above sneakers, there are also many unsold sneakers, or Yeezy sneakers that appeared.

Yeezy 1050 Gore-Tex Duckboot

Shortly after the release of 950, there comes the news of 1050, whose shoe body is much simpler. It is made of Gore-Tex material. However, these two years, there is no its official news for release.


Before the news conference of YEEZY Season 5, Kanye West wore it himself. It is said to be the co-work of adidas and YEEZY rather than the product of Kanye own. It is shown successfully in the YEEZY Season 5 news conference, making people believe that it is not long before its release. However, up to now, there is still no confirmed date for sale yet.


The YEEZY BOOST 650 was exposed few days before, and now there finally comes the HD pictures. So people can’t help thinking that the official date foe sale is not far away. The upper is designed a little higher than that of 350, which would be surely favored by fans.


The Runner exposed during YEEZY Season 5 is not release yet, and there comes the news that the new YEEZY Runner will be published in Season 6. It is also the style of slow running sneaker of the 90s. However, it is doubtable that if the Runner series are going to be for sale officially. Or they are just for the show?

Up to now, there are 13 YEEZY exposed. Let’s look forward to the next YEEZY! It is believed that owing to Kanye West’s experienced speculation and special taste, the sneakers with YEEZY logo will continue to be popular.